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We are an organization of over 25 reputed hotels and hospitality professionals dedicated towards service to society and striving to attain excellence in our work and profession.

We have contributed in many ways towards different projects to protect the environment as this has been the need of the hour.

Environmental protection is key to the success of our Industry and our main goal is to

"Convert Negombo to a Green Destination".

“Negombo is known to many as “Little Rome” showcases its sincerity by encouraging cultural and religious harmony. A multi-cultured society blessed with its culinary, traditional fishing, beaches, nature, waterways, handicrafts, history, and the international airport has paved way for a rapid growth in the tourism industry in the city.

Many visitors are attracted to Negombo for its offerings are fascinated with its hospitality and simple life style of the community. Negombo is in the process of being converted to a Green city and its encouraging to say that all levels of the society has joined in to make this effort successful.”

Visit Negombo and experience its hospitality by yourself!

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